【Reatec】Adhesive Decorative Film(Abstract Pattern) 【TX56 Series】

TX56 Series: TX56 Series
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size W: 1220mm x 50M
brand Sangetsu  /Japan zen interior
TX-5601 Kazaoto
TX-5602 Kazaoto
TX-5603 Kazaoto
TX-5604 Kazaoto
TX-5605 Awayuki
TX-5606 Awayuki
TX-5607 Shigure
TX-5608 Shigure
TX-5609 Shigure
TX-5610 Ukigumo
TX-5611 Ukigumo
Catalog https://contents.sangetsu.co.jp/digital_book/reatec24/
application place house / shop / hotel / office /zen room

PVC decorative film Japan Quality

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