zen japan interior

Recently, Japan Zen interior has been growing in popularity for interior design all over the world.

Japan Zen interior is unique in that it combines the components of simplicity with the harmony of nature.
It uses natural design of wood and greenery creates an atmosphere that both inspires creativity and relaxes the soul.
Peace, thankfulness, and balance are often associated with the space that it provides.
I am introducing some examples below.

zen japan interior
Using the wooden pattern wallpaper which is the similar to the furniture and natural color carpet makes the room uniformity.


Japan Zen Interior The light from sunlight and lamp reflected on the Washi wallpaper, that soften the area.


Japan Zen Interior Adopting earth color wallpaper and rug makes the area more natural.


Japan Zen Interior You can make the relaxing area using soft color of wallpaper and fabric.


Japan zen interior 【Tatami -Japanese straw mat-

Tatami mats are synonymous with Japanese culture and décor, but what is less known is that they are also provides homes with many other benefits such as absorbing moisture during the humid seasons and releasing moisture during the dry seasons, which is perfect for Japanese weather. Tatami also cleans the air while also giving off a refreshing aroma of soft rushes that makes people feel relaxed.


Japan zen interior

Easy Installed Floor Tile

A special non-slip processing is used on the back, so you can easily install it by just putting it on the floor. You can also cut the floor tile effortlessly by using a utility knife. It is perfect for apartments and rental properties where you cannot use glue to install. You do not need to take your shoes off on the tiles either, which makes it versatile. There are wooden, stone, and tatami design prints and more than 40 colors in total.


Japan zen interior

Noren-A shop-curtain-】

Noren is a traditional shop curtain which derives from Sudare and a bambooblind.
Praying for good business, it is decorated around the entrances of Japanese restaurants and stores.
You can also use it as consoling and dividing rooms. It is interesting to choose material and design for the rooms.
It would be fun to change every season and to put on the floor like pictures.