(Zen loose-lay floor vinyl tile Japan Quality) Laying PVC Floor tiles Terra Stone WSS211~WSS213 Nagata【12items per case】

Color: WSS-211
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size W: 500mm / L:  500mm T:4.5mm
Country of Origin
material PVC
function anti-static/flame retardant/high traffic
application place house / shop / hotel / office /zen room
Texture  Stone
Laying PVC Floor tiles Japan Quality / Zen interior Japan

(Laying PVC Floor tiles Japan Quality

☆ "Layered on the existing floor"☆
 ▶Can be installed without glue

☆ "Only one damaged part"☆
 ▶ Can be partially replaced

☆ The shoes are OK!☆
 ▶ Add color to your office and shop

☆ Excellent design☆
  ▶ Realistic texture

☆High workability☆
 ▶ Cut with a cutter

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